Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time flies when... no, flies always

So my flight is the day after tomorrow, and I'm not entirely sure how that happened because it seems to me that just yesterday I was researching universities in England to apply to. Today is my last day of work. As excited as I am to go, I know it's normal to have bittersweet feelings of leaving something comfortable and familiar. However, I know that staying in the comfortable and familiar setting won't help me achieve my dreams or bring me new and exciting experiences that I crave. Today, I received the news that Aston finally received my loan disbursement cheques, so I can stop worrying about that. I have been waging war on my suitcases for about two weeks now. Condensing and eliminating the things I don't need is a necessary evil but also liberating.

I am not really sure what to expect upon arrival. I've done the whole study abroad thing before but in a different city. You never know exactly what's coming, but I know already that there are plenty of people willing to help. I will create my own support system by reaching out. Anyway, in addition to the 'practical' there is also the 'exciting.' I've been wanting to return to England/Europe ever since I left, and now it's finally happening. I'm ready, let's roll.

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