Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blisters and Rewards

So I've been in Birmingham almost one entire week. A week of running around, getting lost, setting up a bank account, asking for assistance, confusing coins, breaking umbrellas, and being approached by geese with questionable intentions.

Face of innocence? I think not.

My advice for new students and especially internationals is: be prepared... And then be prepared for everything to change. The ideals you have in your mind aren't always feasible. Not many things can be done on the spot. Bank accounts take days to set up, and phone selection requires research. It's difficult but also beneficial for me to learn flexibility because I like to have a plan. Surprisingly though, as I had to adjust my plans during the course of the week, the adjustment wasn't as much of a crisis as I thought it would be. Although the process has had its frustrating moments, it's mostly been rewarding and liberating. I am responsible for everything. And I am getting things done.

Money spent so far on necessities and food: about 250 dollars. One broken umbrella as England toys with the weather: around 4 pounds. The blisters from running around the city and feelings of accomplishment after every step and interaction: priceless.

As my "have to's" are finally wrapping up (still need a coat for the chilly English autumn and a shower curtain, so I can stop flooding the bathroom floor) I'm looking forward to international orientation and freshers week. I can't wait to make new friends and get out there for the"want to's."

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