Friday, July 4, 2014

Santander Scholarship Event in London

The day before yesterday (July 2) I spent a lovely day in London for the Santander Formula Scholarship Event. I went down with Stacey, another scholarship recipient and Katy, an Aston International Officer. It was great that the university funded our transportation to and from London to help us take part in this event with dozens of students from various countries studying in UK universities.

The event was held at the Berkeley Hotel, and we got to interact with other students and hear about Santander's future endeavors from its chairman, Emilio Botin like increasing the number of scholarships that they offer. There was also a special appearance by Formula One driver, Jenson Button. I have to be honest I knew nothing about him, but for those who do, I am sure it would have made the event even more special. Overall I think it's great that winning the scholarship is followed up by events like this and interaction with Santander because it feels like they are continuing to take an interest in you. It would have been nicer if the event was a bit longer and more interactive, but I am sure with coming years they will be able to develop it more.

After the event was finished, we decided to take an hour to be tourists and went to the London Eye where we rode for free because Stacey had passes from work and kindly allowed us to use them. It was not planned, and I am so grateful to have been able to go. This short day in London was my last before leaving England, and I was able to say goodbye to the city in the best way.

Back to my dissertation now after a nice, and I'd say deserved mini break.