Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Puzzles and Communication

Well I've finally told my bosses that I am leaving them in a couple of short weeks. I was really nervous to tell them because I began working in January, and I felt like leaving so soon was letting them down. To my surprise and relief they were very supportive and encouraging. My apprehension was for naught.

As my preparations for leaving continue, I am constantly learning to communicate, persevere, and ask for help when I need it. These lessons are very important to me because ever since I moved to the US at the age of nine I had been painfully shy and always tried to do things on my own instead of asking for help when I truly needed it, but college and studying abroad previously have helped me escape my shell and realize how invaluably helpful people can be. My Visa application process could not have gone more smoothly, and I was able to purchase a plane ticket for about $450 dollars, but I did have some complications with housing and the timely disbursement of my loan. Asking for help, and explaining my situation to those involved helped me resolve the problems. Everything is falling into place through my efforts and initiative. I have always had an appreciation and love for mathematics because it was like a puzzle that had to be solved, that's why I believe that I like this planning process. The rewards of the final image are worth the frustration and hard work along the way.

As the day of my flight is rapidly approaching, I am very glad I chose to go about two weeks before the start of orientation, it will give me time to get acquainted with Birmingham, my flat mates, and prepare for classes (I'm not going to lie, I am very nervous about the classes, let's hope my work ethic is able to help me through). 24 days and counting!


  1. How did you get a ticket for $450? coming to Aston this october. thank you.

    1. From the US? I'm not sure, I got lucky with the price I guess. I recommend buying the ticket as early as possible because it's much cheaper that way.