Monday, February 17, 2014

On the precipice of week six

I probably said this before, but at the beginning of term one, ten weeks seemed like a long time, but that was deceivingly naïve to believe. Now over halfway through the second term, I'm very glad to have only three classes because I there is plenty to do in each of them. I did my best to get ahead on the assignments, so that I could leave myself a block of time to focus on my dissertation proposal. That's definitely the next big hurdle to overcome.

Besides the academia, I can't help but be excited for spring because I think I'll do the cliche thing and go to Paris. I only spent one day there before and that was hardly enough. About two weeks ago a friend and I went to the Chinese New Year celebration in Chinatown. It was cool how big of a turnout they had. The performances were worth seeing despite the frigid wind (just another reason to be excited for spring!)

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