Monday, November 11, 2013

The topics are coming, the topics are coming!

So today, the International Business course students finally received our list of potential topics for the dissertation that's drawing nearer every day. I have to admit that I have never actually written a paper of this caliber, but I enjoy writing and am excited to take on the challenge. 

Hard to believe that I am already in week 6 of my first term. I must say that all of the group work, reading and obligations have done wonders for my time management and internal motivation. I've been warned numerous times to make sure that I don't overdo it and 'burn out.' So far so good, I am going strong. My early morning runs have gotten cold and rainy. Even the geese near the canal probably think I am crazy, but it's times like this that I compare my runs to all of my academic work and ask myself 'how much do you want this?' Because only I can answer that question and live up to it. 

I don't want to sound like I have it all together, I get overwhelmed, I get frustrated (group work is far from a relaxing experience, believe me). It's so irritating to learn that I'm not allowed to ask from others as much as I demand from myself, but hey, life's not fair, right? 

Christmas vacation is just around the corner, and almost all of my friends are planning to go home. After spending so much time with them on a daily basis, it's sad and surprising to realize how much I'll miss them even during the three short weeks. I suppose I should probably figure out what I will be doing. I am thinking southern Europe with its warmth and sun is sounding pretty good (any suggestions?). That's what I did during my last travel extravaganza, and it would be great to repeat the experience. 

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